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Sponsoring BCMS


Drs. Thomas R. Broker & Louise Chow

Patrick Cather

Russell V. Douglas

Robbie James

Timothy Lyons

Amy and John Johnstone

Clay and Antoinette Nordan

Emily Omura

Community Foundation of Greater  Birmingham

A.T.&T. Foundation 


Jeanne S. Hutchison

Rusty and Lia Rushton

William and LaVona Rushton

Embassy Suites

Alabama State Council on the Arts 

-Board of Directors-

Rusty Rushton, President 
Robbie James, Vice President
Jeanne S. Hutchison, Treasurer 

Patrick Cather

Michael Freeman

Wyatt Haskell

Ben Johnson

Amy Zwarico Johnstone

John Johnstone

Nicholas D. McLaughlin

Toni Nordan

Kawai Shiu

Harrison Walker

The Birmingham Chamber Music Society board represents a variety of backgrounds and professions.

The Board participates in the direction of the association and selection of groups it sponsors. 

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